Josh Martin

Josh Martin



Tuesday, February 2, 201602/02/2016

Android Phones Vs. Facebook

The Facebook App may be eating your battery life!


Tuesday, January 26, 201601/26/2016

Caffeinated Flour!

You can now get your caffeine fix from baked goods.


Monday, January 25, 201601/25/2016

New Emoji’s!

Your selection of emoji’s is growing.

Potato chips on plate isolated on white background.

Friday, January 22, 201601/22/2016

Lay’s Flavor Swap!

Lay’s reveals 4 new flavor hopefuls.


Tuesday, January 19, 201601/19/2016

Beard Business

In case you missed it, beards are a really big thing right now.


Friday, January 15, 201601/15/2016

Amazon Prime Deal THIS WEEKEND!

The price of an Amazon Prime membership is dropping for a limited time.


Wednesday, January 13, 201601/13/2016

Turtle Calls

You can now pay someone to call your family and friends as a turtle.


Wednesday, January 6, 201601/06/2016

What Side Do You Sleep On?

It can really have an impact on what you dream!


Tuesday, January 5, 201601/05/2016

Do You Have A Text Door Neighbor?

The new trend has people texting others with almost identical numbers.


Monday, January 4, 201601/04/2016

Strange New Cadbury Flavors

Chocolate maker Cadbury has added some strange new flavors to its list.

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