Josh Martin

Josh Martin



Friday, April 12, 201304/12/2013

Zombie Perfume and Wasp-Infused Liquor….Say What?!

Can’t get enough of Zombies? Why not smell like one.


Friday, April 12, 201304/12/2013

Safely Capture Bigfoot, Win a Million Dollars?

America’s on the hunt for one of nature’s most elusive creatures.


Thursday, April 11, 201304/11/2013

Pop-Up Hotels!

Pop-Up Hotels are all the rage.


Wednesday, April 10, 201304/10/2013

Three words: Breast, Milk, Jewelry

Breast Milk Jewlery is becoming a trend!


Monday, April 8, 201304/08/2013

Rent Funeral Mourners?

Make a statement at a loved ones funeral!


Monday, April 8, 201304/08/2013

Milk Vodka and new KFC!

Dairy farmer makes vodka from milk.


Thursday, April 4, 201304/04/2013

What Countries are Safe to Travel To?

Planning to getaway this summer? Check out this map before you do!


Wednesday, April 3, 201304/03/2013

Paying by the Pound?

One airline is charging passengers by the pound.


Wednesday, April 3, 201304/03/2013

Tours, Tours, Tours Part 2!!!

A few concerts for the kiddos!


Tuesday, April 2, 201304/02/2013

Make Sleep Art!

A new app lets you do just that!

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