Josh Martin

Josh Martin



Monday, May 12, 201405/12/2014

China’s Building a Tunnel to Where?!

China is hoping to build a tunnel like the world has never seen.


Wednesday, May 7, 201405/07/2014

Banning Tips

Tipping may soon be a thing of the past!


Monday, May 5, 201405/05/2014

Food Served By Parachute?

A new restaurant is doing just that!


Wednesday, April 30, 201404/30/2014

Today Show Summer Concerts Announced!

Mariah Carey! Ed Sheeren! See who else is on tap.


Monday, April 28, 201404/28/2014

How to Avoid Getting Drunk While Drinking

Co-founder of the Boston Beer Company, Jim Koch, can help you do just that!


Thursday, April 24, 201404/24/2014

HBO Comes to Amazon!

Netflix now has some serious competition.


Tuesday, April 22, 201404/22/2014

Control the Weather?

Scientists say it’s definitely possible.


Tuesday, April 15, 201404/15/2014

Why Airplane Food Tastes Bad

No, it’s not the chef.


Monday, April 14, 201404/14/2014

Own Google Glass Tomorrow

But, you better be quick!


Thursday, April 10, 201404/10/2014

6 Hour Work Day!

Hundreds of Swedish workers are trialing a six-hour work day.

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