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Thursday, June 20, 201306/20/2013

Ways To “Screw Up” Your Marriage

There are ways to keep your marriage healthy and happy…THESE aren’t those! From Shine at, check out their 33…


Monday, June 17, 201306/17/2013

What Your CLOSET Says About You

What you have in your closet says a lot about YOU!


Wednesday, June 12, 201306/12/2013

The Sunglasses Best For YOU

How to pick the RIGHT sunglasses for your face


Wednesday, June 5, 201306/05/2013

Best Breakup Letter Ever?

Check out this snarky break up letter (filled with hearts) blowing up the Internet!


Friday, May 31, 201305/31/2013

How To Take The “Next Step”

Here’s some ways to move your relationship along


Friday, May 31, 201305/31/2013

What To Expect On A First Date

Here’s what men (and women) expect on a first date!


Friday, May 24, 201305/24/2013

How To Surprise Your Boyfriend

Here’s how to surprise your boyfriend…in a good way!


Sunday, May 19, 201305/19/2013

Things That Could Save Your Relationship

Here are some tips to help save your relationship


Wednesday, May 15, 201305/15/2013

How To “Sexify” Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom “frumpy”? Here’s some ways to “sexy” it up!


Monday, May 13, 201305/13/2013

Words That Can DESTROY Your Marriage

Eliminate these words to save your marriage

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