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Tuesday, September 22, 201509/22/2015

Are Your Dishes Making You FAT?

Are your dishes making you FAT?


Thursday, September 10, 201509/10/2015

DON’T Make The Bed!

Do you make the bed every day? DON’T!


Tuesday, September 8, 201509/08/2015

Staying Up All Night?

Why you wake up at night…and what you can do about it


Tuesday, September 8, 201509/08/2015

CrossFit At ANY Age

Meet the woman who took up CrossFit…at 77!


Tuesday, September 1, 201509/01/2015

The AB”Zs” of Sleep

The AB”Zs” of sleep: How much you should get and how often you should get it


Thursday, August 20, 201508/20/2015

Ice Bucket Challenge: A Year Later

The promising results of last year’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Tuesday, August 18, 201508/18/2015

The Benefits of Quitting Soda

The AMAZING things that happen when you quit soda for good


Tuesday, August 18, 201508/18/2015

Expiration Dates For EVERYTHING

When to get rid of expired food, beauty products and other stuff


Tuesday, August 11, 201508/11/2015

Checking Your Symptoms Online

Do you go online when you’re sick to see what you’ve got? You MAY want to get a second opinion!


Monday, August 10, 201508/10/2015

The Benefits of Spicy Food

Like your food spicy (like Jen)? It’s great for your health, too!

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