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To Your Health


Tuesday, May 26, 201505/26/2015


Want to look YEARS younger? Smile!


Wednesday, May 20, 201505/20/2015

A “Taylor-made” Diet Plan

A Syracuse man lost 400 pounds…thanks to Taylor Swift!


Tuesday, May 5, 201505/05/2015

Two Minutes To Health

Two minutes a day is all you need to be healthier


Tuesday, April 28, 201504/28/2015

Superfood Stress Busters

Stressed out? Relax by eating these superfood stress-busters!


Monday, April 13, 201504/13/2015

Kickstart Your Mornings

Slow start to the day? Here’s how to jump start your mornings!


Wednesday, April 8, 201504/08/2015

The Fabulous 40’s

Why your 40’s are the best decade of your life


Tuesday, March 31, 201503/31/2015

Going Grey?

Getting grey? Add these to your diet


Wednesday, March 18, 201503/18/2015

The “Skinny” on Diet Drinks

Diet sodas make actually MAKE you fat


Tuesday, March 17, 201503/17/2015

Sixty Second Health Check

Take a minute each morning to look for these warning signs


Wednesday, March 11, 201503/11/2015

Your Happiest Age Is…

At what age are we the happiest? You might be surprised

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Hollywood Dirt: Ozzy’s road trip

Hollywood Dirt: Ozzy’s new reality show is a family affair


Today’s Heroes: Graduation Day

Today’s Heroes: A college janitor graduates…with honors!

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59 mins ago in Entertainment

Would you eat crickets for lunch?


A growing need for more food sources as well as a desire to treat animals more humanely have proponents predicting entomophagy, or eating insects, will eventually spread more heavily to western and developed countries.

3 hours ago in Entertainment

Running Man dance craze sweeps police departments across U.S.


Police officers across the U.S. are dancing an updated version of the running man to a catchy 1990s hip hop song in videos that are gaining wide online popularity.

3 hours ago in Lifestyle

AP Poll: Many take Social Security before full retirement


Taking Social Security benefits early comes with a price, yet more than 4 in 10 Americans age 50 and over say they'll dip into the program before reaching full retirement age.

3 hours ago in Entertainment

National Spelling Bee ends in its unlikeliest tie to date


Nihar Janga looked like the strongest speller at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, and perhaps the best ever. And he's only 11 years old.

3 hours ago in Music

Justin Bieber sued over smash hit ‘Sorry’


Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and the co-writers of his 2015 smash hit "Sorry" are being sued for allegedly stealing a vocal riff from another artist who said she used it on her own song a year earlier.