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Monday, January 4, 201601/04/2016

Today’s Heroes: The “Rent” Santa

An anonymous donor paid the rent for an entire apartment complex


Monday, December 28, 201512/28/2015

Today’s Heroes: A cancer-stricken girl visits the “North Pole”

A cancer-stricken girl gets to visit the “North Pole”


Wednesday, December 16, 201512/16/2015

Christmas Doorstep Challenge

What’s the “Christmas Doorstep Challenge”…and how can you do it?

99 cents

Monday, December 14, 201512/14/2015

Today’s Heroes: A prize winner helps kids in need

When a 99-year-old woman won a contest from her local dollar store she knew EXACTLY what to do with it


Tuesday, December 8, 201512/08/2015

Beer Mile Grandma

An 81-year-old woman conquers the “Beer Mile”


Friday, December 4, 201512/04/2015

Today’s Heroes: A neighborhood shares the Christmas spirit

When a woman’s Christmas lights were stolen, her neighborhood sprang into action


Tuesday, December 1, 201512/01/2015

The $500K Kettle Donation

A Minnesota couple dropped a BIG check into a Salvation Army red kettle


Monday, November 30, 201511/30/2015

The Senior Center/Daycare Center

A senior center doubles as a daycare center


Tuesday, November 24, 201511/24/2015

Today’s Heroes: Meet the “Hug Lady”

Meet the woman who’s hugged more than 500,000 soldiers


Wednesday, November 18, 201511/18/2015

Today’s Heroes: Policemen make dinner…and do the dishes!

Two policeman stepped in for Mom when she went to the hospital

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