Mornings with Dave & Jen

Mornings with Dave & Jen



Wednesday, February 17, 201602/17/2016

Ask HIM to marry you!

In Ladies Room

Ladies…should you pop the question to HIM?


Wednesday, February 17, 201602/17/2016

How to get your kids to sleep

In Parental Guidance

Here’s some tips on how to get your children to sleep


Tuesday, February 16, 201602/16/2016

What your boss notices about you

The six things all bosses notice about you and your work


Tuesday, February 16, 201602/16/2016

Burn off those Valentine’s treats

In To Your Health

To Your Health: What you’ll need to do to burn off those Valentine’s treats


Tuesday, February 16, 201602/16/2016

Houseclean your way to weight loss

In To Your Health

To Your Health: Looking to lose some weight? Do some laundry!


Monday, February 15, 201602/15/2016

How to win a Facebook argument

A new Cornell study will help you win your Facebook battles


Monday, February 15, 201602/15/2016

Are you the WORST person at work?

Are you the WORST person in your workplace?


Friday, February 12, 201602/12/2016

Doritos Bouquet

In Love Notes, The Dating Game

How to make a Valentine’s Day bouquet…with Doritos!


Friday, February 12, 201602/12/2016

Online Dating Do’s and Don’ts

In Love Notes, The Dating Game

The BEST things to say (or not to) when dating online


Thursday, February 11, 201602/11/2016

Why Cats Go CRAZY

In Purrfect Pets, Purrsday

Purrsday: Does your kitty go MAD? Here’s why!

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Hollywood Dirt: Ozzy’s new reality show is a family affair


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Today’s Heroes: A college janitor graduates…with honors!

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