Mornings with Dave & Jen

Mornings with Dave & Jen



Wednesday, May 7, 201405/07/2014

Money Talks

In Money Talks

When it pays to pay more


Wednesday, May 7, 201405/07/2014

Naps Are GOOD!

In To Your Health

The benefits of naps…and how to take one!


Tuesday, May 6, 201405/06/2014

Wedding Traditions

What one blogger would ELIMINATE from the wedding ceremony


Tuesday, May 6, 201405/06/2014

Bathroom Etiquette

In To Your Health

The unwritten rules of public restrooms


Monday, May 5, 201405/05/2014

“Happy” Pets

An Aussie pet trainer takes his clients to the beach…to Pharrell Williams “Happy”!


Friday, May 2, 201405/02/2014

Worst Tippers

This man is smiling…because he’s NOT in Ithaca (or Syracuse)


Thursday, May 1, 201405/01/2014

Dad No-No’s

The things Dads should NEVER say to Moms


Thursday, May 1, 201405/01/2014

Mom’s Day

What Mom REALLY wants for Mother’s Day


Wednesday, April 30, 201404/30/2014

Guy Talk

In Ladies Room

What men like to talk about the most


Wednesday, April 30, 201404/30/2014

Body Builders

In To Your Health

Some terrific things to do for your body RIGHT now!

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Just put down the phone already!


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in Viral Videos

Famous album covers come alive


No, your eyes aren't tricking you. The album covers in Roy Kafri's new music video ARE singing along.

in Music

Judge refuses to dismiss ‘Blurred Lines’ lawsuit


Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams have failed to convince a judge to dismiss a copyright lawsuit.

in Entertainment

Oprah, Neil Patrick Harris among year’s most ‘fascinating’

FILE - This Sept. 20, 2009 file photo shows host Neil Patrick Harris during the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Harris will host the Emmys again. CBS will air the Emmycast live from Los Angeles on Sept. 22. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill, file)

Barbara Walters is back with her annual TV special.

in Lifestyle

Apple’s iCloud looks a little overcast


The company has posted a security warning for its online storage service.

in Entertainment

Toys ‘R’ Us pulls ‘Breaking Bad’ dolls after protest


If a Walter White action figure was on your Christmas list, it just got more difficult to find.