Mornings with Dave & Jen

Mornings with Dave & Jen



Thursday, September 24, 201509/24/2015

Dog Train

In Purrsday

A retiree built a train for DOGS!


Wednesday, September 23, 201509/23/2015

Cool Cleaning Tips

Smart tips to make your housecleaning easier


Wednesday, September 23, 201509/23/2015

The Longest Coffee Run

A man cycled 250 miles…to get his wife COFFEE!


Wednesday, September 23, 201509/23/2015

The ULTIMATE Fall “To Do” List

In Ladies Room

It’s Fall! Here’s a list of things you should (or WILL!) do this season


Tuesday, September 22, 201509/22/2015

Are Your Dishes Making You FAT?

In To Your Health

Are your dishes making you FAT?


Tuesday, September 22, 201509/22/2015

Hug It Out!

In Ladies Room

Two iowa State University students hugged their way into the record books


Friday, September 18, 201509/18/2015

What Happy Couples Do

In Ladies Room

Things that bring couples joy…together!


Thursday, September 17, 201509/17/2015

The Life-Saving Cat

In Purrfect Pets, Purrsday

“Purrsday”: Meet the cat who saved his owner’s LIFE


Tuesday, September 15, 201509/15/2015

Black Dot Campaign

In Ladies Room

Domestic violence victims now have a (silent) cry for help


Thursday, September 10, 201509/10/2015

DON’T Make The Bed!

In To Your Health

Do you make the bed every day? DON’T!

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Judge rules Bill Cosby must stand trial on sexual assault charges


A Pennsylvania judge ordered entertainer Bill Cosby to stand trial on sexual assault charges over allegations that he drugged and assaulted a woman in 2004.

11 hours ago in Entertainment

Video gaming returns to TV with new league


Competitive video gaming returns to TV with the launch of a 10-week gaming league that will be broadcast on TBS.

12 hours ago in Entertainment

Changes are coming to Twitter


User names and attachments - including photos and videos - will no longer count towards the length of a tweet, but the 140-character limit will stay.

12 hours ago in Entertainment

‘Pink Panther’ star Burt Kwouk dies at 85


He also starred in numerous films, among them three James Bond movies including "Goldfinger."

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WATCH: ‘Chewbacca Mom’ and ‘Star Wars’ director J.J. Abrams take a drive


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