Mornings with Dave & Jen

Mornings with Dave & Jen



Thursday, June 12, 201406/12/2014

Weight Loss Tips

In To Your Health

12 great ways to look GREAT this Summer


Wednesday, June 11, 201406/11/2014

“Schlock-iest” Songs’s list of the cheesiest tunes ever!


Wednesday, June 11, 201406/11/2014

De-Clutter Your Life

Got JUNK? Here’s how to get rid of it!


Tuesday, June 10, 201406/10/2014

“Special” Grocery Carts

How Wegman’s is helping its special needs customers


Tuesday, June 10, 201406/10/2014

Why You’re Tired ALL The Time

In To Your Health

Can’t stay awake? It may not JUST be from lack of sleep!


Monday, June 9, 201406/09/2014

A Gift For Dad

A son’s promise bring his father to tears


Thursday, June 5, 201406/05/2014

Wedding Season

In Ladies Room

Does the bride have to wear white? Rethinking wedding traditions


Wednesday, June 4, 201406/04/2014

“Billie Jean” on Beer Bottles

A cover of the Michael Jackson classic you have to SEE to believe!


Wednesday, June 4, 201406/04/2014

More Sex, More Often

Want to DOUBLE your fun? Put THIS in your bedroom!


Tuesday, June 3, 201406/03/2014

Car Repairs

The sounds your car makes you should NEVER ignore

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Hollywood Dirt Report

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‘Girls’ star Allison Williams to play Peter Pan on live TV


The star of the HBO comedy will play Peter Pan opposite Christopher Walken as Captain Hook in the TV musical special "Peter Pan Live! on NBC."

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Miranda Lambert working on comedy screenplay


Miranda Lambert is hoping to add screenplay writer and actress to her resumé.

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Chris Pratt goes from slob to heartthrob


With a more buff physique than his character Andy Dwyer on "Parks and Recreation," Pratt combines cocky and dorky into an unlikely leader of a band of outcasts bent on saving the galaxy.

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Little girl doesn’t want her brother to grow up

Sister Grows Up

Five-year-old Sadie doesn't want her little brother to grow up because he's too cute now as a baby.

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Study: Kids like new, healthier school lunches


A recent study suggests that most elementary age students like eating the healthier school lunches required by the USDA.