Mornings with Dave & Jen

Mornings with Dave & Jen



Thursday, June 12, 201406/12/2014

Weight Loss Tips

In To Your Health

12 great ways to look GREAT this Summer


Wednesday, June 11, 201406/11/2014

“Schlock-iest” Songs’s list of the cheesiest tunes ever!


Wednesday, June 11, 201406/11/2014

De-Clutter Your Life

Got JUNK? Here’s how to get rid of it!


Tuesday, June 10, 201406/10/2014

“Special” Grocery Carts

How Wegman’s is helping its special needs customers


Tuesday, June 10, 201406/10/2014

Why You’re Tired ALL The Time

In To Your Health

Can’t stay awake? It may not JUST be from lack of sleep!


Monday, June 9, 201406/09/2014

A Gift For Dad

A son’s promise bring his father to tears


Thursday, June 5, 201406/05/2014

Wedding Season

In Ladies Room

Does the bride have to wear white? Rethinking wedding traditions


Wednesday, June 4, 201406/04/2014

“Billie Jean” on Beer Bottles

A cover of the Michael Jackson classic you have to SEE to believe!


Wednesday, June 4, 201406/04/2014

More Sex, More Often

Want to DOUBLE your fun? Put THIS in your bedroom!


Tuesday, June 3, 201406/03/2014

Car Repairs

The sounds your car makes you should NEVER ignore

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The case of the swallowed wedding ring


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Pierce Brosnan is “The November Man”


Today’s Heroes

A Marine is standing guard…at his neighborhood elementary school!


Hollywood Dirt Report

The latest on ailing comedienne Joan Rivers


The FREAK Files

A special discount…for REDHEADS?

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in Entertainment

Daughter reveals Joan Rivers is still on life support

Comedian Joan Rivers arrives for the premiere of the documentary "Joan Rivers - A Piece Of Work" during the 2010 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah January 25, 2010.

Comedian Joan Rivers remains on life support after being hospitalized in serious condition due to cardiac arrest.

in Music

Paul McCartney urges Scots to shun independence

Sir Paul McCartney performs with his band during the "Out There" Tour at the Times Union Center on Saturday, July 5, 2014, in Albany, N.Y.

Paul McCartney has signed an open letter to Scottish voters urging them to choose 'No' in a crucial poll over plans for the nation to break away from the rest of the U.K.

in Lifestyle

Pistachios may help reduce diabetes risk

Pistachios are seen after sorting at a processing factory in Rafsanjan, 1,000 kilometers southeast of Tehran September 23, 2008.

For people who may be headed for type 2 diabetes, regularly eating pistachios might help turn the tide.

in Lifestyle

Triathlons popular with middle-aged athletes

Runners and bikers compete in the 34th annual Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in San Francisco, California June 1, 2014.

Triathlons, the swim-bike-run races of varying lengths, are scaling the bucket lists of many middle-aged athletes.

in Music

Justin Bieber charged with dangerous driving

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber drives a quad bike at the beach as he takes a break in a resort in Punta Chame on the outskirts of Panama City in a January 27, 2014 file photo.

Justin Bieber has been charged with dangerous driving and assault following an altercation and collision on Friday.